Streamline back to school surveys with Google Forms

back to school google formsGoogle Forms are awesome.

There are so many ways that you can use forms in your classroom, and it will save you all kinds of time.

I will not overwhelm you with all the different ways to use a form in one blog, though. Since school is coming soon, you may want to look into using forms to gather some of that beginning of the year information.

I hate paper. So of course, I became a teacher:) As the years went by, and technology improved, I used any method possible to escape those piles of paper on my desk. I also appreciate that you can bring up the information gathered with Google Forms anywhere you have the internet. I don’t have to remember where I put the papers. Or forget to put them back!

Forms are also great because they can be reused over and over again. You can modify them without redoing the entire paper. They are such a time saver because you don’t have to make any copies! No waiting in line at the copier, or, worse yet, worrying if the copier has broken down today or not!

How to Create a Form

Here are some basics of Google Forms you may find interesting if you want to make forms to manage the back to school avalanche of paperwork.

From Google Drive, click on the blue “new” button and select Form. You will have to go to the bottom of the list and see more choices to find it. It’s the purple button.

When you open it, you can add your title where it says Untitled Form.  Once you put the title in, you can click in the top left corner where it still says untitled form and Viola! The title shows up there as well. You can add a description of the form under the title if you’d like to.


Google Forms Classroom

Now you can start adding questions. Well, almost! Don’t forget to make an item that asks for the student name! I can’t even guess the number of times I forgot to do that when making forms for my classes.

To add another question, click on the + sign in the menu alongside the questions. 

Google Forms classroom

Type your question where indicated. You may have noticed that there is a drop-down box inside each question block. This drop-down gives the option to choose the type of question you are asking and how you want your students to answer it. A new feature of Google Forms is that it will automatically determine the type of answer you may be looking for. It’s not always right, of course, but it’s correct often enough to make adding questions even easier.

google forms classroom

In the bottom part of the question box, there is a slider that you can click on to make the item required. This means the student will not be able to submit the survey without answering that question. I HIGHLY recommend that you at least make the “Name” item required. Just another way technology can solve your everyday problems in the classroom. Who else hates no name papers???

After you add your questions, you can make some changes to the appearance of the form by changing the heading color. Click on the art palette and choose a new color. You can also add a picture by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner.

Google Forms classroom

To see what your form will look like to those who take it, click on the eye. When you click on that, you will also see the address that your students or parents will need to fill out the form. Copy that address to paste into Google Classroom, an email, or a document.

Google form classroom

All of your answers will be recorded on a Google Sheets document. To find it, click on the responses tab. To make and view the responses sheet, click on the green icon. You will also be able to see individual responses on the screen once people have taken the survey.

google forms classroom

How will you use Google forms?

Think about all the times you are looking to gather information from your students and parents. Would using a form be a better way to collect and save that data? If you haven’t tried it before, this could be the time.

Want to try forms, but not ready to create your own? Here’s a link to a free Volunteer Google Form that I made.       

Free volunteer form

There are other Google Forms for Back to School Questionnaires and student self-assessments you may find useful for sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Student Information form


getting to know child form

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