Make the Most of Sharing with Google Apps

You hear a lot about sharing in educational technology. Not sure how to share on Google Apps? Why should you share your documents? What are the options when sharing with Google?

google apps sharing

Sharing with Google

Sharing with Google Docs is great for both teachers and students. Teachers can share lesson plans, field trip permission slips, and other organizational documents.


Several times, my team and I needed to split all the entire grade level into groups. We shared a Google Sheets document, and each teacher put their students into the document, distributing them through all the groups. Much easier than passing a paper around the school, because invariably, that paper got lost on someone’s desk (usually mine).

We also used sharing with Google for a school-wide discipline record. Anyone in the school could fill in a Google Form, but access to the data sheets was only available to certain people to avoid any privacy issues.

Using this feature in Google easily integrates 21st-century skills into your lessons. Sharing allows the kids to collaborate on projects and communicate within their working group. They can even publish on a wider scale from whole class to putting it online for a wider global audience

How to Share

Sharing a Google document of any kind will allow others to have access to your material. There are different ways to share and various types of access to allow. You can do a direct share or share a link for access.

Share directly with select people

To share directly with others, first, click on the blue share button at the top right of the screen.

Sharing with Google

When you do, this screen will come up.

Sharing with Google
In the box on the form, type the names or email addresses of the people you want to share the file with. Then you need to decide what kind of access you want them to have. Click on the pencil button to reveal the choices.

Sharing with Google

Can edit: The person you are sharing with can make whatever changes they want to.
Can comment: The person you are sharing with can only add comments in the margins of the document. They cannot make any changes to the actual file.
Can view: All the other person can do is look at the document. No one can make changes of any kind.

Sharing a link to your document

We see, sharing a link to the document is useful if you want to share something with a larger audience, such as parents or large groups of colleagues. If you want to share a link for people to click on, you need to click on the top right corner of that box where it says “Get shareable link.” This dialog box will appear.

Sharing with Google

Note that once again, when creating a shareable link, you have choices as to the access those people will have.Sharing with Google

If you click where it says more, you have options for privacy.

Sharing with Google

You can make the link public, which means that everyone who wants to can click on the link and see the document. A public link creates an opportunity for people you don’t expect to find it on the web using search engines.
If you choose “Anyone with the link,” it will not be visible unless the other individual clicks directly on the link.

Specific people requires you to indicate those who are permitted to use the link.

The default setting for link sharing is that those who access it will only be able to view the document. If you want to change it, you can do so on this screen.

Ideas from you!

If you are sharing with Google, there are unlimited ideas for both you and your students. Be creative, and try sharing something today.

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