First Day Photo Collage (Quick and Easy)

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Many teachers start out the year with a photo session for their kids. Do you want to be able to share those pictures as quickly as possible? Consider making a photo collage of those first-day pictures. With these online collage makers, making a collage of your students is quick and easy.

You could have your class’ first-day pics shared with their parents before dinner on the first day of school.

quick and easy photo collages for teachers


Ideas for photos

There are a lot of really cool ideas out there for first day of school photos.

  • If you want to keep it simple, just purchase a chalkboard, like this one, and write the important information on it. Last year I ran across chalk markers that create text with gorgeous bright colors. I highly recommend these markers. I used them all the time on my chalkboard, especially if there was something I didn’t want to get accidentally erased since it takes water to remove the chalk. They can also be used on white boards and windows!
  • Create a picture frame with the first-day information, and have it printed out on poster board and cut out the center. Have the kids hold it up, looking through the center. No time to design and make one, make it easier by ordering something like this First day of school Red Balloon Classroom Selfie Frame Photo Booth Prop.
  • Have the kids dress up as movie stars, or sports figures, or super heroes; whatever fits well with your theme. You can also just get photo booth props and let the kids choose from them.

Be creative, take your pictures, and insert them into a digital photo collage to share with anyone! Here are three sites where you can find the collages to make this happen. You can also use these with students to make projects of their own throughout the year.

Collage Maker at BeFunky

The first site is the photo collage maker at BeFunky. This site has an excellent selection of different grids to choose from. To begin, choose one of the grids. You may want to use more than one to have enough room for all of your students. There is one grid that has room for 30 pictures, so many of you would be able to fit your entire class into one grid.

photo collages

If you have extra grid spaces with no picture, there are patterns available to use to fill those empty spaces.
Just choose the pictures you want from your computer and click on Auto Fill to put the pictures into the grid. If you click on the three dots next to the “Computer” button, you will have options to upload pictures from other sources including Pixabay. Pixabay is a collection of free online photographs that you can use anywhere without attribution. If you have your students make a photo collage for a learning activity, they can use these pictures without worrying about breaking copyright laws.

photo collages

Once the images are in the grid, you can click and drag the picture if you need to center it better.

photo collage
To finish off, you can add text. Then save and share the collage with your students and their parents.


picture collage


This collage maker from Fotor has some advantages over the one at Be Funky. The most obvious is a lot more choices for the design of the collage. Not only do they have traditional square grids, but they also have artistic and funky designs.

Photo collage

Photo collage

Photo collage


To make a photo collage using Fotor, you first need to upload the images that you want to use. There is no option for searching for pictures online. So if you wanted your students to use this site as part of a project, they would have to find and save the pictures they want.

Photo collage

Once you’ve loaded the pictures you need, click on them to insert them into the grid you selected. You can also add text and stickers to your collage.

Photo collage

When the pictures are in the squares, you can recenter each image by clicking on the zoom option at the top. Then you can click and drag the picture around or zoom in closer.

Photo collage

This picture has watermarks because I used a template that is only available in their pro plan.

Fotor does not have the ability to fill in photo squares with a pattern, but you can put different backgrounds behind some of the images. The green scalloped pattern at the bottom of my sample is one of those backgrounds.

You cannot choose to autofill your pictures. You must move them one at a time. Another little annoyance I had was that you have to “unlock” each picture before you try to move or zoom in on them. You have to “unlock” it by clicking on the padlock icon at the top.


Photo Collage

The last collage maker that you can use for free is Photocollage. First, you add your pictures by clicking on the “Add Images” button. You can also open the folder where you saved your kids’ pictures and drag them directly onto the work area.

You can move the pictures around yourself, or click on the “Auto Collage” button and let the site arrange them for you.

photocollage 2

When the auto collage places the photos, it is likely that not all of the pictures will be centered the way you want them. To center them, you need to click on the drop down menu that says More. Click on the picture you need to move, and then select Zoom/Pan. To move the image, click on the small picture that shows up on the screen on the spot where you want the top of the picture to be.

photo collage


So, if you want to get those adorable first-day pictures published quickly and easily, give one of these photo collage makers a try.

Looking for more ways to make back-to-school more easily manageable, consider using Google Forms to collect all that information that you need to gather. Read about it here, and look at some forms I have all ready for you in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

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