Forget writing letters. Try this end of school year activity.

That time is upon us. The end of school year. Are you looking for a fun, creative way for your students to let next year’s kids know what to expect from your classroom or grade level?

I’ve done many different things over the years to get my students to reflect on the past year. They’ve written personal letters to next year’s kids, worked in groups to make a letter on large chart paper. I was usually disappointed in most of the final products. You may find yourself in the same boat too. To top it off, there were not enough letters that were good enough to distribute or hang up.

google slides end of school year


A new twist on an old end of school year activity

Try a Google Slides class slideshow.

As we strive to add more valuable 21st-century skills, and higher-level thinking skills to lessons, remember: It doesn’t have to be complicated. This project uses a simple Google Slides presentation and covers a myriad of those skills we are trying to improve in our students.

Advantages of Using a Slideshow

Using a slide show will meet these instructional objectives:

  • First, it uses communication skills to write well-constructed sentences and paragraphs on their slides. Students could even use oral language skills by making a video of themselves telling about something important in their classroom.
  • Students are sharing something with a larger audience. Share the slideshow by letting the class watch the entire slideshow put together. You could show it to kids coming up next year, or on a moving-up day if your school has one. Share it with a larger audience by sharing a link to the show on a blog for parents to see. You could also pair up with a class of the same age from another part of the country (or world) and compare and contrast the two classes. Students work together collaboratively (if you choose to use groups)
  • Making a slideshow will demonstrate student creativity in the design and content of the slides.


To do this activity, all you need is a Google Slides presentation.

Before class:

  1. Create a cover slide for the presentation. Include the class name, and a cute title. (Wanna skip this because there’s not enough time? Look at the bottom of this page.
  2. Decide if you have specific content you want in the show, can they choose anything that stood out this year?
  3. Then share the slideshow you created using the Share button on Google Slides.

In Class

  1. Ask the kids to create a slide about their classroom this year. Give them your expectations for the project. They could choose to relate events from their personal experiences. If you want a little more control so the kids cover everything you want in the show, assign topics, or make a list from which the students can select topics.
  2. Each student (or a pair of students) will then make one slide. They can add clip art, photographs, or even videos of themselves telling about their year.
  3. When the students finish their slide, have them open your copy of the slideshow.
  4. They should then copy and paste their slide into the master.

Time Saver

To make this end of school year slideshow a quick and easy activity, I have a template you can use to get started, so there’s no need to create your own. Check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:

end of school
How many days are left this year? Give this activity a try and let us know how it goes!

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