The Tech Tutory

Do you face any of these problems in your teaching job?

  • Limited professional development to learn to use technology?
  • Not enough planning time to implement technology?

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Welcome to the Tech Tutory! You’ve taken the best first step to make you better equipped to use technology in your classroom!


What is the Tech Tutory?


My name is Tracey Rosenberger, and I’ve been using technology with elementary students for over 20 years! I am a Level 2 Google Certified Educator with 26 years of experience in the classroom under my belt!


The Tech Tutory is a place where you can be sure that the person running it has been where you are. I was. As a former classroom teacher, I experienced all the stresses and demands you face. I lived the life you are living. Now I use that experience to help elementary teachers who are beginning to use technology as well as those who want to make their technology use more efficient. And all without going crazy!


I believe that teachers are extremely important. Our job is all about the kids, but we cannot give our best when we are stressed out, overworked, and feel unprepared to use the tools we have. I don’t want technology to be on the list of demands that drain your energy.

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My job is to focus on you and help you focus on your students.


Do you want to become more confident in your ability to use technology?


Here’s what I offer to help you get there!

Teachers and schools who work with me can expect useful technology professional development based around Google Apps for Education. This PD is delivered in self-paced modules with a focus on how to use the technology in a classroom setting. You can use these lessons as a complete group to learn the apps, or you can use them separately to fill in gaps left by other training sessions.


Teachers can see examples and ideas for technology-infused lessons that they can use in their classrooms without an enormous amount of prep work. These lessons have a focus on using technology to create new opportunities for kids that were not possible in the past.


Through all of the training and lessons, I understand that your time is valuable and often limited. I know you may not be ready to make radical changes to your teaching. I’ll share with you ways to make small changes that will take your teaching to a higher level at a pace that you are comfortable with.


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I can’t wait to meet you!



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